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Key Switches and Accessories

PES2000 Series


Electrical Key Switch
Narrow Style


  • Accepts Standard Mortise Cylinders, 1"-1 1/4"
  • Locators Prevent Cylinder From Spinning
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Cylinder Sits Flush to Faceplate
  • IC Core Cylinder Requires Collar
  • Indoor Or Outdoor Applications
  • UL/CSA Approved
  • Optional LED Indicators
  • Custom Color Finishes & Engraving Available
  • Various Configurations Listed Below


PES1000 Series


Electrical Key Switch
Single Gang


Model Model Description
ES-1100 ES-2000 1 SPST Momentary Switch
ES-1105 ES-2005 1 SPST Momentary Switch, N/C
ES-1110 ES-2010 1 SPST Maintained Switch
ES-1120 ES-2020 1 SPDT Momentary Switch
ES-1130 ES-2030 1 SPDT Maintained Switch
ES-1150 ES-2050 2 SPDT Momentary Switches
ES-1160 ES-2060 2 SPDT Maintained Switches
ES-1170 ES-2070 1 SPDT Maintained, + 1 SPDT Momentary
ES-1180 ES-2080 1 DPDT Momentary Switch
ES-1185 ES-2085 1 Pneumatic Switch, With 1-60 Second Adjustable Time Delay
ES-1190 ES-2090 1 DPDT Maintained Switch

For LED Indicators, Add:

-7012 Red 12V LED
-7112 Green 12V LED
-7212 Red & Green 12V LED
-7024 Red 24V LED
-7124 Green 24V LED
-7224 Red & Green 24V LED
-7412 Amber 12V LED
-7424 Amber 24V LED
-7612 Bi-Color 12V LED
-7624 Bi-Color 24V LED