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Electric Exit Devices

Electrified Exit and Panic Devices

Electrified Exit and Panic Devices Are Available in a Wide Variety of Configurations to meet your Access Control and Security Requirements as well as Your Fire Life Safety Considerations. Our Rim, Surface and Concealed Vertical Rod Devices are Available With Any Combination of Our Current Options. Our Mortise Exit Device is Only Available With Latch Bolt Monitoring and Request to Exit, Due to Limitations of The Size of The Mortise Lock Body. Please See Our Options Listed Below.

LBR (Lartch Bolt Retraction

• Latchbolt Retraction withdraws the Latchbolt From The Device Strike.Permitting Access From The Secure Side
• Motor Driven Latchbolt Retraction is Quiet And More Efficient Than Traditional Solenoids
• Low Current Inrush Reduces Costs by Eliminating The Need For Specialty Power Supplies
• Low Current Draw Also Reduces The Wire Gauge And Increases The Distance The Power Supply Can be Mounted From The Device
• Traditional Solenoid Latch Retraction Is Available By Special Order.

Technical Note:

Latchbolt Retraction Can Not Be Use On A Fire Rated Opening, Unless The Device Power Supply is Also Fire Rated And Tied Into The Fire Life Safety System. Other Restrictions May Apply. Please Consult The Local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)

LBM (Latch Bolt Monitoring

Latchbolt Monitoring Sends a Signal From a Form C Relay to An Access or Security System When The Device Latchbolt is Drawn Into The Head of The Device By Either an Egress or an Entry From Outside By Trim or By Key.

REX (Request To Exit

Request To Exit Sends a Signal From a Form C Relay to An Access or Security System When an Authorized Exit is Made From The Egress Side Of The Opening, By Depressing The Exit Device Touch Bar.